Introduction to Resources

See below a wide range of video based resources to help  you with your delivery of fitness activities.

The Daily Dash

Here is a 7 minute video of year 6 pupils doing the daily dash. The daily dash is proposed as a much more fun alternative to the daily mile.

See below alternative warm ups, serious running activities and fun chasing games.

Fun Warm Ups

4 Speeds

DVD Player

Coloured Cones Game

Mr Men

The Animal Parade

North South East West

Traffic Lights

Pirate Ship

Beans games

Serious Running Activity

The Timed Run

Run Around A Course

Coloured Circle Game

Running In Pairs

Pick Up Sprinting

Group Run Challenge

Zig Zag Run

Fun Chasing Games

Tiggy Scarecrow


Tag Bulldog

Fire And Ice

Chain Tig

Heroes And Villains

Cat And Mouse

Uploads From Other Users

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